Holiday Schedule 2018

  • New Year’s Day

    Monday January 1
  • Memorial Day

    Monday May 28
  • Independence Day

    Wednesday July 4
  • Labor Day

    Monday September 3
  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thursday November 22
  • Christmas Day

    Tuesday December 25
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits FAQs

When is Open Enrollment?

July of every year and only once a year.


Outside of Open Enrollment, may I add my Dependents (Spouse or Child) to my insurance?

Yes but only if there's a "Qualifying Event"


What is considered a "Qualifying Event?"

Loss of other insurance coverage, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption.


How much time do I have to add my dependent after this "Qualifying Event?"

31 days from the date of event.


May I add my Domestic Partner?

Yes, but you must be registered as a "Domestic Partner" with the state in order to be eligible.


May I change my EPO (HMO) to a PPO or vice versa?

Yes but only during open enrollment.


What's the difference between EPO and PPO?

The main difference is the "Gatekeeper". Under the EPO (HMO), you need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP). This PCP acts as the "Gatekeeper". (S)he coordinates all your medical needs. If (s)he is not able, then (s)he will refer you to a specialist. This "managed care" system helps keep the cost down and therefore costs less than the PPO.

Under the PPO, there is no "Gatekeeper"-you may go to any doctor you wish without a referral. You pay more for this freedom.


Which is better-EPO or PPO?

It depends on your situation. You have to decide which is more important to you-freedom to go to any doctor OR an affordable price tag.


How do I choose a Doctor?

You may visit Aetna's website to search for a doctor under your plan.


Is my Doctor in the Network?

You may visit Aetna's website and search for your specific doctor.


How may I cancel my coverage and/or my dependent's (Spouse or Child) coverage?

Complete the Enrollment/Change Request Form indicating the changes or cancellations you wish to make.

Payroll FAQs

How do I change my number of dependents?

Simply complete a W4 2017 and fax to 310-900-5552.


How do I setup my direct deposit?

Simply complete a Authorization for Direct Deposit form and fax to 310-900-5552.