Holiday Schedule 2018

  • New Year’s Day

    Monday January 1
  • Memorial Day

    Monday May 28
  • Independence Day

    Wednesday July 4
  • Labor Day

    Monday September 3
  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thursday November 22
  • Christmas Day

    Tuesday December 25
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Policies & Procedures

Welcome to TRANSAMERICAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY, INCORPORATED (the "Company"). The Company has been in the business of selling replacement parts and accessories for the light truck and four wheel drive markets for over thirty years, under the name of "FOUR WHEEL PARTS WHOLESALERS". As an employee of the Company, the importance of your contribution cannot be overstated. Our goal is to provide the finest quality products and services to customers and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. By satisfying our customers' needs, they will continue to do business with us and will recommend us to others. You are an important part of this process, for your work directly influences our Company's reputation. We hope you will find your employment with the Company to be both rewarding and challenging.

This Personnel Policy Handbook ("Handbook") is designed to summarize many of our personnel policies and to acquaint you with many of the benefits and rules concerning your employment. Questions concerning policies, benefits, and procedures are to be directed to the Company's Personnel Department. It is each employee's responsibility to read, understand, and follow the provisions of this Handbook; accordingly, you will find it to your advantage to promptly read the entire Handbook. The policies contained in this Handbook are effective immediately; this Handbook supersedes and replaces the prior Personnel Policy Handbook and policies (whether written, oral, or by course of conduct) that are inconsistent herewith.

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